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An interactive screening of

your favourite mystery TV show!

with special permission from 

NBC Universal Television


Can you solve the crime before Jessica Fletcher?

Leaf Pattern Design

Upcoming shows

FRI 15 Dec

"A Christmas Secret"

SAT 16 Dec

"A Christmas Secret"


Pit your wits against JB Fletcher 

at an interactive screening 

of Murder, She Wrote!

Hosted by super-fan 

Tim Benzie, London's 

cult hit features

games, prizes and 

audience participation

THU 18 Jan

"Three Strikes, You're Out"

THU 27 Jan

"Menace, Anyone?"

TUE 30 Jan

WED 31 Jan

"Paint Me a Murder"

FRI 2 Feb

"Paint Me a Murder"

SAT 3 Feb

"If It's Thursday, It Must Be Beverly"

THU 8 Feb

Encore screening "Jessica Behind Bars"

FRI 9 Feb

"Sing a Song of Murder"

SAT 10 Feb

"Paint Me a Murder"

SAT 17 Feb

"Sing a Song of Murder"

SUN 18 Feb

"A Fashionable Way to Die"

FRI 23 Feb

"Sing a Song of Murder"

SAT 24 Feb

"Sing a Song of Murder"

FRI 1 Mar

"Sing a Song of Murder"

SAT 2 Mar

"Sing a Song of Murder"

THU 7 Mar

"Sing a Song of Murder"

FRI 8 Mar

"Sing a Song of Murder"

THU 14 Mar

Episode TBC

FRI 15 Mar

"Murder Takes the Bus"

SAT 16 Mar

"Broadway Malady"

FRI 22 Mar

"Broadway Malady"

SAT 6 Apr

"Sing a Song of Murder"

THU 11 Apr

Episode TBC

Would you like to see the show in your venue or town?

We're always open to suggestions. Please get in touch at


The Critics speak ...

"It has the BEST host ... You’ll be swept away with fabulous Jessica Fletcher feels at this themed night, which tasks you with solving a classic episode of the show. Quizzes, games, singalongs and party poppers are all thrown into the action. It’s raucous, silly and as wonderfully weird as its namesake."

"As soon as I saw it was on at the [Edinburgh] Fringe I elbowed my way through the other BW reviewers, pushed a couple of them over, stepping over their bodies, shocked looks on their faces ignored, just so I could get to the front of the queue and see this show again. And it did not disappoint ... I'd go again in a heartbeat. I urge you to do the same as soon as you can." 

West End Wilma ****

"‘Solve-Along-A-Murder-She-Wrote’ is light-hearted and delightfully entertaining, offering a highly nostalgic break from reality for a few hours and keeping television royalty alive. I’d challenge anyone to sit through this show and not get utterly invested in figuring out whodunit, whilst smiling at the comfort that this 80’s drama brings."

"The self-confessed super-fan and award-winning playwright will lead you into a silly whirlwind of nostalgic giggle, using his wealth of camp trivia and sound logic to solve these killings.

"Benzie is highly skilled in developing the interactive experience with the audience, who are more than willing to give their opinions, and it’s all tremendous fun ... This is a highly entertaining production even if you have never seen an episode, filled with outrageous fun."

"For a funny, campy evening, there is little that could beat Solve-Along-A-Murder-She-Wrote’s unique qualities and Benzie’s wit and charm. Personally this reviewer can’t wait to revisit Cabot Cove. Never mind 'whodunnit', more like 'yougottadoit!"

"There is just the right level of audience participation so you can still sit back and enjoy the laughs without feeling that you could be dragged from your seat any second ... Benzie's passion and knowledge shines through."

"It didn’t take long for Benzie to have the audience in stitches and he had the whole crowd in the palm of his hand the entire evening ... it’s difficult to sum up the show in all of its madcap, campy goodness – it’s something you have to see to really enjoy."

"Reassuringly silly. Tim Benzie ... really does know a thing or two about protagonist Jessica Fletcher. He's now transformed his love for the camp retro series into a lighthearted two hours of entertainment that both die-hard devotees and Cabot Cove novices will enjoy ... A solve-along, sing-along hit."

"Benzie knows how to put on a great show ... I would happily see it again, with all the fervour of the ‘Jessica Fletcher eating popcorn’ meme."

"This is a gently camp, fabulous celebration of a time when television gave us an hour of escapist entertainment rather than the need for trauma therapy ... Whodunnit?
Tim dunnit – and he did it so well I can’t wait for the next one!"

"Delightful, knowledgeable and well-researched ... Huge small screen entertainment" ****

"With spot prizes and easy-going audience interaction, it all adds up to a glorious fun-filled celebration of the TV series, whether you’re a fan or have somehow managed never to watch it before."

"‘Tim Benzie is the perfect host ...  Benzie’s insights help keep the audience engaged with the show and not just passively watching the episode unfold ... I'm already looking to seeing more of these in the future."

"‘Benzie successfully balances the kind of in-jokes and niche trivia sure to delight fans along with a genially silly tone and accessible audience participation that anyone with a pulse should enjoy. No pun intended. A great night out that felt a bit like a great night in, with a hilarious friend and your favourite TV show."

"‘The formula and the familarity are part of the appeal and, in mocking the anachronisms, performances and plot, Benzie invites his audience to laugh at itself. It is gentle and ephemeral and has the merit of not suggesting otherwise."

"... A cinematic, theatrical and hilarious experience ... Before the night I had never seen an episode of Murder, She Wrote before, unlike some dedicated fans who had even dressed up. However, this really was an evening everyone could enjoy ... [it was] an experience like no other and one I look forward to having again."

" is easy to appreciate why the celebration of the TV show itself and its genre and era in general, has been such a smash hit in London ... A unique and thoroughly enjoyable theatre experience."

Rated one of Time Out's 

50 Great Nights Out 

in London
(2021 and 2019)



What is this?

Solve-Along-A-Murder-She-Wrote is a screening of an episode of Murder, She Wrote with games and laughs.

I've never seen the TV show before. Will I enjoy this show?

Absolutely! Newbies are guided through the history of the episode and you'll soon appreciate the wonder that is JB Fletcher and the uselessness of the police.

I've seen the show a lot and remember who the killer is. Does that matter?

Not at all! Solving the crime is a collaborative effort using the Fameometer and the Suspiciometer - but I don't want to give too much away!

Do you show a different episode every time?

Yes! We don't repeat an episode at the same venue twice.

Do you have permission to do this?

Absolutely. We've been granted a licence with kind permission of NBC Universal Television, and we're grateful for their support.

Who are you?

Tim Benzie. He's an Australian super-fan of Murder, She Wrote, living in London. Tim is an award-winning playwright in his native Australia and brought Solve-Along to the Sydney Cabaret Festival in 2019 to sell-out audiences.


Audiences speak ...

Don't take our word for it ... check out this sample of 5 star

Facebook reviews from fans across the UK

“What an amazing night, this is a must see for any JB Fletcher fans, I can’t remember when I’ve laughed so much, this show is pure genius.”

Lisa Carol, Chesterfield

"An absolutely hilarious evening full of fun."

Sarah Banting, Swindon

“Just had another marvellous night out at the Brewhouse in Taunton. This was our second time seeing the show and hope it returns next year. It was as always full of fun and laughter.”

Joan Synnott, Taunton

“Brilliant night. Very funny, entertaining and so well hosted. Great for super fans, fans and people that have never watched the show. We saw it in Peterborough and we will definitely be going again.”

Rowsie Winters, Peterborough

"So stupidly brilliant."

Nicky Deverill, Oxford

“Whilst I do love Murder, She Wrote, I'm not someone who knows all the backstory of the cast, nor am I a trivia buff so I was a bit anxious that I'd be out of my depth. Wrong! The show is pitched perfectly – there’s enough detail to keep the fangelas happy (and if you know everything there is to know about Jessica you'll still be in your element) but there’s also enough activity and sleuthing for an absolute novice to join in … Tim the host is perfect, and I believe he is key to the success of event. His passion and understanding of the show underpins the showmanship and hilarity. So so funny!”

Cally Littler, Birmingham

“Absolutely brilliant from start to finish … Simple and easy fun! Cannot wait for the next one!

Kerry Hays, Newcastle

“Now I’m hard to impress when it comes to theatre but … I was smiling and laughing all the way through this … Highly recommended even if you’re not into Murder, She Wrote. Worth every penny of the ticket price and only disappointment was when the show finished.”

Stephanie Smith, Lowestoft

"Absolutely fabulous night at Ardhowen Theatre ... Thank you for a great night of laughter and of course solving the murder mystery."

Kelly-ann Graham, Enniskillen

"This is the most amazing show. I have now been to two different ones. Tim is the most amazing host."

Huw Jones, Manchester


Souvenir programme

Now on sale at Etsy: the Solve-Along-A-Murder-She-Wrote Souvenir Programme!

This full-colour glossy A5 20-page programme features fab photos from the show, The Story of Solve-Along-A-Murder-She-Wrote, a Glossary of Terms, Key Characters and more. 

What a great stocking filler idea for friends/family who are fangelas!

£6 +postage, delivering to the UK only.


Thanks for visiting!

* Please note: performances of the episode "Broadway Malady" include the use of balloons given to the audience,
which contain latex. Also this episode features flashing images. 

For enquiries about booking the show in your venue, please email

Tim Benzie is represented by The Soho Agency (

Video by Big Blue Whale (
Music from Uppbeat ( License code: JDFPJFUIQDTOS5PB)

Photos cropped to square - not in original layout. Photo credits:

1 and 7. Fan photos 

2, 3 and 8. FD Photos 

4, 5 and 6. David Bartholomew Photography

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